Eoganacht septs



Eoganacht History

Seven Eo´ganacht septs are clustered with South Irish R1b (original manuscript):

...Eoganacht Chaisil - MacCarthy, O'Sullivan, plus later O'Dennehy, MacGillicudy, O'Callaghan, MacAuliff

...Eoganacht Locha Lein - Moriarty

...Eoganacht Raithlind - O'Mahoney, O'Donoghue, O'Long, O'Neill, O'Duggan, O'Feehan, O'Donnell, Mongan, O'Connell, Lynch, O'Hea, O'Cohalane/O'Coughlan, O'Cannifree, O'Bogue, Cahalane, O'Cronin, O'Flahiffe, O'Flynn, Connelly, O'Callaghan

...Eoganacht Glendamnach - O'Keefe

...Eoganacht Aine - O'Kirby

...Eoganacht Arann (a.k.a. Ninussa) - extinct

...Eoganacht Ruis Argait - extinct

...Dal Cas - OBrien, Kennedy (not of the Eoganacht sept, however many members are closely related to the Eoganacht sept)

  • Illustration from the "Genetic Investigation of the Patrilineal Kinship Structure of Early Medieval Ireland" by Brian McEvoy, Katharine Simms, and Daniel G. Bradley.  Published in the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY